While you plan your future, don’t miss the opportunity to take care of your current well-being

You will get a high quality consultation on the following subjects:

Active portfolio management on the Russian and international stock markets
Instruments for different purposes: with fixed income, with defined risk degree or for a specific idea
Financial instruments to hedge exchange risk, protecting the funds from currency volatility consequences
Bond and Eurobond market
Financial instruments for shareholders
Life insurance programs


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Ensure your future well-being!

If you think how to ensure and multiply your capital, how to secure the financial future of your near and dear ones, these instruments are just for you:

  • Active capital management
  • Financial planning
  • Options strategy
  • Structured financial instruments
  • Bonds
  • Insurance products

About us

We are a team of experts with over 10 years of experience in finances. Our employees have certified and trained in the leading Russian financial companies and abroad.

Our team will introduce you to the world of finances and investing and will help develop an individual financial plan to fulfil your personal goals and ambitions.

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Мы являемся квалифицированными специалистами по финансовому консультированию, брокерской деятельности и управлению фондами, прошедшими аттестацию Министерства Финансов РФ, Федеральной Службы Финансового надзора и зарубежных финансовых организаций.

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10-летний опыт руководства и развития финансовых услуг в Банках и Инвестиционных компаниях первого эшелона (БКС, Альфа банк, Русский Стандарт)
Рустам Гусейнов
Директор по развитию
Более 11 лет опыта в инвестиционном банкинге. Эксперт по торговле и аналитике на российском и международном фондовых рынках (БКС, Банк Москвы, Citibank)
Денис Дедков
Генеральный директор
Независимый финансовый советник (10 довольных клиентов каждую неделю)
Маргарита Гусейнова
Финансовый советник



Our fund is unique for several reasons:

  • We start the work with clients with the development of a financial plan to understand the overall financial picture. Ninety five percent of consultants don’t do this.
  • We do not have the motivation to sell you tools and services that are not profitable for you. We are independent financial advisers who work for the benefit of their clients, not full-time employees of a mechanistic corporation.
  • We offer individual approach and long-term cooperation with timely support, the ultimate goal of which is to achieve the client's goal.


A personal financial plan diagnoses your financial situation and contains an analysis of costs, revenues, assets and liabilities, and most importantly - the calculation of several scenarios to assess the attainability of those goals that you set for yourself. We will also voice our recommendations on financial products that are most suitable for you.

The task is to properly structure the family capital and arrange financial priorities in such a way as to achieve, with the help of available revenues, significantly more: provide themselves with pension capital, give the children a prestigious education, purchase more expensive real estate, cars etc.

The term for the development of the financial plan is from 3 to 5 working days.

More information about the process of drawing up the plan and its forms can be found at financial plan page.


We are ready to help you with a full range of financial issues, turning them into prospects and opportunities:

  • how to achieve a financial goal
  • how, where to invest correctly at the current stage
  • how to properly borrow money (loans, mortgages, refinancing, etc.)
  • tax refund (property, social, investment tax deduction, etc.)
  • opening accounts in foreign jurisdictions, including obtaining citizenship
  • insurance products


What may seem insignificant waste at the moment, giving you immediate satisfaction or convenience, with the right long-term management can lead to a significant improvement in your well-being and give a tangible result.

That is why the customer is constantly being worked with, with intermediate achievements monitored.


  1. At the first meeting with the client, we will know your expectations, goals, conditions and financial limits.
  2. At the second meeting, in 3-5 days, we present the formed financial plan, discuss it and correct it, if required.
  3. Arrangement of agreements in the form of signing the Service Agreement
  4. We hold quarterly meetings to summarize the interim results
  5. The overall result of investment is clear at the end of the year


Any person, from a student who just first thought about the prospects of revenue management to wealthy clients with investment experience and an already formed portfolio.